About Us


Our head office is located in Carpi (Italy). We also have branches in Barcelona (Spain) and one in Warsaw (Poland). Since 2000 our deep knowledge of the organic sector has grown thanks to many experiences that allow us to operate with the best know-how coping with the evolution of the Organic Market. We work with farmers, industry, traders, importers, mass retailers and distributors specialized in organic products. Our team is composed of a commercial force that creates 50% of our turnover from transactions between foreign countries, 25% within the domestic market and 25% of exports from Italy. Our international presence allows us to have a global vision, that it is supported by daily transactions developed at different levels of the agri-food supply chain.

Our Mission & Vision

We are among the biggest brokers specialized in organic agriculture and in particular we deal with seeds, grains, oils, by-products and others kinds of ingredients and finished products exclusively organic certified both nationally, within the EU and globally. 35 years of experience in agriculture, twenty of which dedicated to organic production. We provide an efficient and competent support based on the creation of solid business relations among all the parties involved. Our goal is to be a performing tool for producers of any size, helping them to enter in the international market. We optimize the costs of finding new commercial opportunities for our Customers. Our strength is dealing with certified organic products matching them with full transparency and traceability.

We love to see the companies that entrust their products to us growing!