Unity is strength but, our CEO Maurizio Bernaroli, is our bond.

With more than 50 years in the service of industrial seed processing and agribusiness sales, he has an in-depth knowledge of the main players in the market and its dynamics.

This gives an extra edge to the entire B&P family, which, although young and dynamic, can count on a great deal of experience lived directly in the field.

Thanks to its commitment and desire to provide service to both farmers/sellers and buyers, in 2008 Bernam was founded.

“We are useless, but useful at the same time.”

says Maurizio, who encapsulates the essence of the Broker with this phrase.

A misunderstood figure, apparently without utility, yet indispensable.

We are the trait d’union between seller and buyer.

We give companies who contact us the opportunity to open up to the international market.

We are always there for every need, both commercially and logistically.

We always seek an friendly resolution to any issues that may arise.

Our purpose is to expand and preserve business relationships among our clients and to provide them with all the necessary tools in order to conclude the best deals.