Bernam srl is your link between supply and demand in the Organic Market – from raw materials to finished products. We have created a complete portfolio of services that we offer to organic operators such as producers, transformers and traders, all belonging to our wide international network. (continue)

Business Room

In this section, our Customers are able to demand or offer a specific quantity of different types of products in order to find a seller or a buyer. This section allows you to get an immediate feedback by the seller or the buyer, and it supports a real time exchange between supply and demand.


Simple to use: in this section you will find current offers and demands with detailed information, such as origin and characteristics of the products.

Our Services

We act as brokers between offers and demands of the following certificated organic product categories: Raw materials: cereals, oil seeds, cakes, oils and sugar. Fresh products for the industry: frozen food, freeze-dry food. Ingredients: flours and starches among others. (continue)



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